Image of Goddess Mama Infinity Necklace

Goddess Mama Infinity Necklace


This hand-wired Urban Blossom signature necklace is available in size Med (approx. 3") and size L (approx 4") and comes in 14k gold plated wire, silver plated wire, rose gold plated wire, or copper wire. This necklace can also be special-ordered in 14k gold filled wire or sterling silver for an additional fee.

Necklace Meaning: Mother Earth, Gaia, Divine Mother, however you know her, she is here to reconnect you to who you really are, and remind you when you forget. Weaving in the sacred images of the Goddess, the Infinity Sign and the Circle of Life, this iconic necklace speaks to the deepest part of our soul and grounds us into our Truth: That we are Divine beings and connected to all living things. May each time you wear your Urban Blossom Goddess Mama necklace be a reminder of your true Divine essence and may it bless you with ever-lasting Love and Grace.

Each Goddess Mama necklace is lovingly wire-wrapped by hand and once complete, serves both as a centering talisman of of wearable art and as a calming meditative tool. Meditation: Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and alternate breathing into your heart and then into your belly while you repeat the mantra, “Speak from my heart, trust my gut.”

For custom requests on size of circle, contact Deb at or (858) 224 3577